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Our Story

Our story begins with an all too familiar scenario; a helpless newborn, with nothing. Shauna Hanson, founder and executive director, got a surprise of a lifetime and was told she was a grandmother! What could've been a happy time, turned into having to meet at the courthouse and being told her grandson was not wanted and here you go! It was winter time in Wisconsin and the poor boy had nothing but a towel wrapped around him and was clearly starving and in distress. Shauna turned to the courthouse employees in search of something, ANYTHING, to put on this precious baby. A blanket? A diaper? How about even a proper carseat? They had nothing to offer and sent her on her way! Shauna and her husband Jim, took him in, no notice, nothing prepared, nowhere to turn for help but at least they had the most important thing that baby needed; their unconditional love. 11 years ago that day was and not only did it change their world, it was the planting of a seed that would soon grow into changing our community for the better! Shauna is mor than happy to tell you the whole story when you meet her, just ask! With her heart and passion, the support and help of Jim, Helping Hands was created!

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