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Our goal at Helping Hands for Our Children of the Chippewa Valley, is to help children in our community.  We are a non-profit, volunteer run organization that strives to provide the basic needs for children to live and thrive.  We take donations from our community and give them to those that need them for free.

Do you have a passion for helping children in your community?  We would love to have you join us with your helping hands.  We have short term and long term opportunities, and one time jobs that always need completing.  We need help collecting and sorting donations, seasonal events, community presence, grant writing, organizing and cleaning.

Do you want to support children, our mission and want to donate?  We have many opportunities from monetary donations, supporting fundraisers, and sending items from our wishlist.  Thank you for your support.

The best way to keep up to date with Helping Hands for Our Children is to join our closed facebook group.  A closed group connects our non-profit, volunteers, members, donators, board and, well, everyone!  A closed group protects member's privacy.  You can ask questions, make requests, post items to give away, see community resources, just join us.


About Us

The story of Helping Hands for our Children started over a decade ago.  Shauna, the Executive Director, was given a beautiful child to care for with very little notice.  Hoping for resources from empoyees of a county agency, she was shocked discover basic needs like a diaper or car seat were not available.  This experience sparked the idea, to help others in our community to provide basic necessities for children.  In 2020, Helping Hands for our Children transitioned from a group of volunteers to an official a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  For more than seven years prior, Shauna and many volunteers started collecting donations for kids and distributing them to families from their vehicles in parking lots.  We've come a long way, thanks to our volunteers, our board, and community partners.  We are now fortunate to have a suite in Banbury Place in Eau Claire to collect, sort, organize, and distribute things kids need to live and thrive.  Our organization is successful because of volunteers and a giving community of people like you. 


We can't be us without you!

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