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What to expect when you visit us

You'll come to our location in Banbury Place.  Upon entering our suite, you'll find we typically have seasonal items set out such as coats, special ocassion outfits, shoes and a waiting room full of toys and books.  These items are free for you to take what you need.  One of our volunteers will be at our reception window to greet you, ask your name, and ask what you need.


 We have boxes put together by season, gender and age that come gently used outfits.  We try to meet needs for sock, underwear, formula, diapers, wipes and other special requests if we have available.  All of our available items are dependent on community donations of goods or money that allow us to purchase needed items.

We will request your name and your ID once per year, simply to gain insights into our community reach and our organizational effectiveness.  We require you do not sell anything you recieve from us.  If you no longer need it, donate it or pass it along to someone else.  We also require anyone affiliated with us member, volunteer, visitor be sober and have no sex crimes convictions against children.  This is for the safety of our children.

930 Galloway Street  Suite 25 Eau Claire, WI 54703

We are located in Banbury Place.  Enter on Galloway Street and enter through the green canopy.  Walk straight down the hall and we are the last suite on the right.

What we expect when you visit us

Where to find us


FAQs + Resources

Help us help you!  There are many common questions we get asked, so check out our Frequently Asked Questions section.  We also try to keep a list of community resources for our members.

Children Matter

It doesn't matter to us if little ones in your care are you biological children, a grandchild, foster, or simply placed in your care.  If you are providing care for children in your home and they have needs you are having trouble meeting, we are here for you.

Special Requests

There are times we can meet requests for items other than clothing if we have it in our inventory.  Just ask when you come see us.  We can also ask our closed facebook community to help us meet a special need due to extenuating circumstances.

Baby is Coming

We do have baby bundles on hand.  They have clothing and other basics for your little one.  We ask that you wait until the last trimester to ask for what you need.  Our waiting room may be stocked with baby toys, board books and we may have cribs, carseats, bounces in our inventory from our generous community.  Come see us.

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